#IMADETHAT @NYIT Nicholas Soniprasad

Nicholas Soniprasad is a student at New York Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Design. Here he talks to us about his midterm project for ARCH-291 Parametric Design with professor Jason Van Nest.

Nicholas Soniprasad

How did you create this project?

I first sketched the design out on paper and then generated a 3D model in Rhino using the Paneling tools and Grasshopper plugins. After a few modifications a laser file was created in AutoCAD to fabricate the pieces. Acrylic sheets were laser cut and glued together to form the lamp.

Nicholas Soniprasad

How did you decide which tools to use?

This was a midterm project, so, given that we had to meet certain deadlines and expectations, the use of Rhino was the most efficient software. We had access to the Paneling tools and Grasshopper plugin which, made manipulations easier.

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Why did you choose to go to architecture school?

Initially, I was interested in the traditional building construction field. However, four years later my outlook has changed. New technologies have served as a unique medium for design and construction.

Tell us about your NYIT’s architecture program.

The architecture program at NYIT is rigorous. We have many dedicated faculty members and small studio classes. Our fabrication lab is equipped with updated tools for students to experiment with. The School of Architecture and Design does a good job focusing on the entire field, from fundamental design to professional practice. I love the design process.

What do you love about studying architecture?

It is exciting to know that you’ll never really be done with a design. There is always room for improvement if you are looking at it the right way.

What are your plans post-graduation?

My plans are to continue researching Parametric Design. After returning from my first trip to Europe, I plan on traveling abroad to gain inspiration. There will always be plenty to learn.


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